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Mesin Pengolah Sampah dan Limbah l Mesin Pencacah Organik l Mesin Pengayak Kompos - www.kencanaonline.com
Mesin Pengolah Sampah dan Limbah l Mesin Pencacah Organik l Mesin Pengayak Kompos - www.kencanaonline.com
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Name:Mr. Andi A Aziz, H [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Showroom Instalasi Pengolahan Sampah di Samarinda, Jl Jakarta ( depan Kelurahan Loa Bakung) Kec Sungai Kunjang, kontak : Said, 085255850569
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Registration Date:Feb. 05, 2006
Last Updated:Oct. 09, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Environment category

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Company Brief

PT. Cipta Visi Sinar Kencana ( CVSK) derived from CV and a legal entity in 2005 to Limited Company ( PT) with Ano Notaries Muhammad, SH No. 5 and No. RI Department of Justice Registration No.C- 03484th HT.01.01 Th 2006. Making agriculture ( in the broad sense) as the main business field, particularly in the development of fertilizers and fertilizer technology, since 1994, CVSK operate in introducing technology, fertilizer and compound fertilizer flexible formula tablets ( brand Gramalet) . Pentabletan technology and mixing ( granulation compound) is useful in supporting the program locally specific fertilization fertilizer or fertilizer which is based on conditions specific land fertility. And to serve the various conditions planters ability, after success with flexible composition of fertilizer ( brand Gramalet) , since 2003 to develop all compound fertilizer specific formula tablets per plant ( Gramafix) .

In regard to improving the credibility of the quality of fertilizer ( product) , through a joint program with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Indonesia in the years 2003, the company PT. Cipta Visi Sinar Kencana ( CVSK) has passed the certified and the use of SNI ( required for the affected products must be- as SNI Menperindag Decree No.140 / MPP / Kep / 3 / 2002) . In addition to the acquisition of SNI' s sign, Sinar Kencana now already have a permit circulation of Formula 11 ( No. Fertilizer Registration from the Ministry of Agriculture RI) - as regulated by Decree of the Minister of Agriculture Decree No.. 09 / Kpts / TP.260 / 1 / 2003. These regulations refer to Regulation No. 8 TH 2001 and Law No. 1992 of 12 TH Plant Cultivation.

Recognizing that in the future, chemical fertilizer ( an- organic) - a non- renewable natural materials ( unrenewable) to the less availability, and, on the other hand, there is the health awareness of the importance of natural food ( organic) - since 2004, CVSK develop fertilizer technology sources of biological and organic fertilizer. The following processing equipment manufacturing waste into organic fertilizer compost ( composter manual, electric composter, fertilizer and machinery Granulator Rotary Kiln various capacities) . In the category of material of organic fertilizer ( compost) , has managed to engineer the CVSK and isolate microbes pengurai garbage ( probiotics) and various minerals for the continuity of modern composting, hygiene and fast. This is pengurai microbial compost activators and minerals are substances penggembur ( Bulking Agent) - which both branded Green Phoskko® . For the continuity of the decomposition effectively and efficiently, also developed machine tools ( composter) BioPoskko® . Compost is very beneficial for hobbies, parks and gardens manager in making compost by using raw materials derived from domestic waste or, for entrepreneurs to get business - which produces faster than manage waste in housing, factories, markets or apartment environment.

In fact, for the cities that have problems with landfill and waste management Biophoskko® will help reduce the waste completely from the source or location of the waste producer ( families or households, restaurants, malls , market, factory canteen, vegetable markets and hotels) . For large scale, is also available Klin Rotary machine tool with the ability to process 1 m3 of waste ( 1 / 3 Ton) to 6 m3 ( 2 Ton) / engine units.

Hopefully with the presence of PT. CV Sinar Kencana ( CVSK) in developing fertilizer and fertilization technology - which, so the use of agricultural resources more effectively and efficiently, Indonesian agribusiness to compete amid increasingly competitive world of the future are more stringent.

Bandung, July 2009


Sonson Garsoni
+ 62- 81572527115

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